Run a productive meeting

Instead of hopping between different tools to schedule a formal meeting, sync live with your team in Slack — where everyone's already working. You can quickly hash something out and add notes so they're there if you need them. Maybe you'll end up with fewer meetings jamming up your calendar!

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Slack to:

  • Start a meeting
  • Add attendees
  • Take and share notes

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Schedule and start a meeting

Up to 50 people can meet at once in a Slack huddle. You can start a huddle in a conversation at a specific time for everyone to join, or copy the link to a huddle and add it to a calendar invite.

Before the meeting

Start a huddle

Copy a huddle link

Huddle in a Slack channel with a few members who are using video and screen sharing
  1. From your desktop, open the channel where you'd like to huddle. 
  2. Click the   headphones icon
  3. Your huddle will start automatically, and the channel members will see a message in the conversation with a button to join.
  1. From your desktop, open the channel where you'd like to huddle.
  2. Click the   arrow next to the   headphones icon
  3. Select   Copy huddle link
  4. Add the link to a calendar invite, or post a message in the channel letting your team know when you’ll be meeting along with the link.

Tip: Up to two people at a time can share their screen, and people on computers and mobile devices can join with video on or off.

During the meeting

Chat in a thread

Take notes

Once a huddle starts, participants can use the dedicated thread to share links, have side conversations, and more.
  1. When the huddle starts, the thread will automatically open in the main huddle window.
  2. Send a message to greet people as they join, then share the agenda, links to slides, or other relevant content.
  3. To show or hide the thread, click the   thread icon in the bottom right corner of the huddle.
You can take notes right in the huddle thread, or use a canvas. Here’s how:
  1. Create a new canvas to keep all of your meeting notes in a separate place. Then, share the canvas in the huddle thread.
  2. To take notes in the channel canvas instead, click the   canvas icon in the huddle window.
  3. Jot down notes. Multiple people can edit a canvas at the same time, so you can have more than one notetaker if you’d like.

Note: Standalone canvases are only available on paid plans. Canvases in conversations (both channels and direct messages) are available on all plans.

After the meeting

Once the huddle ends, the thread will stay in the channel or DM alongside the message letting people know the huddle started. If you took notes in a canvas, copy the link to the canvas then share it in the huddle thread by hovering over the huddle message and clicking the   thread icon. You can also bookmark the link so it’s easy to find next time.

👏 And that’s it! You just held your first meeting in Slack. Click through to the next tutorial to learn how to get a new project off the ground.