Share your screen with Slack calls

Meetings are meant for sharing ideas, so make sure that yours are seen. Hop on a Slack call to do the following:

  •   Present your screen
  •   Draw on your screen
  •   Let others draw on your screen

Note: Drawing when screen sharing is only available on the Slack app for Mac and Windows.

Step 1: Start a call

From a channel

From a DM

  1. From a channel, click the   details icon in the top right. 
  2. Click on   Call at the top of the screen, then select Start call to confirm.
  1. From a direct message, click the  phone icon at the top of the screen to start a call straight away.

Tip: Take a look at Make calls in Slack for more in-depth instructions. And while you're at it, review some of the basics of Slack calls. 📞

Step 2: Share your screen

Present your screen

During a call, any participant can present their screen by clicking the   Share your screen icon. You can select your full desktop or a specific application window to share, then click Share.Present_your_screen.png

Allow others to draw on your screen

By default, your teammates can draw on your screen while you're presenting. To turn this off, click the   group drawing icon. You can also draw on your screen by clicking the   pencil icon. Use this tool to draw attention to specific sentences, charts, data points or whatever else is important to call out.

Note: When you're sharing a specific application window, you won't be able to allow others to draw on your screen or draw on your own screen.

Step 3: Review screen-sharing tips

Take turns

During a call, only one person can share their screen at a time. When you've finished presenting, the next person can start sharing to take control. Yay teamwork!

Active speaker

The team member sharing their screen becomes the active speaker by default: other teammates on the call will only see the active speaker's screen, even when others are talking.

Google Chrome

If you use Slack in Google Chrome, you can choose if you'd like to share your entire screen, a single application window or a specific Chrome tab. You won't be able to allow others to draw on your screen, or draw on your own screen. 

Windows 7

Screen sharing in Slack requires transparent windows, but these are unavailable with some Windows 7 desktop themes. Here's how to make sure that you’re using transparent windows:

  1. From your Windows desktop, choose Start.
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. Choose Personalisation and select any Aero theme.

Note: If you ever need some extra help with Slack’s call features, take a look at our troubleshooting guide.

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