Get around faster with keyboard shortcuts

At Slack, we like efficiency! So there are a number of keyboard shortcuts to help you move around Slack faster. We’ll introduce you to some of our favourites and show you just how time-saving they can be.

Tip: Take a look at the full list of our keyboard shortcuts we have available. If you only use your keyboard to get around, learn about keyboard accessibility in Slack


View keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly perform an action without ever touching your mouse. What magic! ✨

With the Slack app open on your desktop, type the keys below to see a list of available shortcuts on the right side of the screen:

Action  Mac  Windows/Linux  
View all keyboard shortcuts in Slack  /   Ctrl/ 



Use the Quick Switcher 

With the Quick Switcher, you can alternate between your different channels or conversations in a flash.

Action  Mac  Windows/Linux  
Open the Quick Switcher  K CtrlK



Navigate unread conversations 

You can use a few shortcuts to navigate your unread conversations in Slack and catch up on everything you’ve missed. 

Action Mac Windows/Linux
Go to the next unread conversation OptionShift AltShift
Go to the previous unread conversation OptionShift AltShift


Tip: Click All unread below your workspace name in the top left to see all of your unread messages in one place.


Mark messages as unread and set reminders

Need to follow up on a message? Mark it unread to save it for later and to help you keep track of it. To do so, use one of these steps:



  • Hover over a message, hold down Option and click your mouse. 
  • Click the  More actions icon and select Mark unread.
  • Hover over a message, hold down Alt and click your mouse. 
  • Click the  More actions icon and select Mark unread.

Note: If you tap and hold a message in one of the Slack mobile apps, you’ll see a special menu with the option to mark a message as unread.

To make sure you do come back to a message later, you can even set a reminder. Here’s how:

  1. Hover on a message and click the   More actions icon.
  2. Hover on Remind me about this
  3. Select when you want to be notified.


Hop back to your previous channel

Have you stumbled down a rabbit hole? In Slack, you can easily retrace your steps.

Action  Mac  Windows/Linux  
Navigate back to the previous channel [ Alt