An update on Slack calls

Everything that you can do in a Slack call can now be done in a huddle. To give organisations one tool for real-time conversations in Slack, all audio, video and screen-sharing capabilities are now unified in huddles. 

What you need to know
  • Slack calls will be available until 29 March, 2023. 
  • Starting 30 March, all live audio and video conversations will take place in huddles. 
  • Making calls with third-party apps will remain unchanged, and support will continue for any calling app that you use in Slack. 
Notes for admins
  • Members of your workspace will see in-product banners with information about switching to huddles whenever they try to make a call.
  • If you like, you can turn off Slack calls before 30th March to simplify tool management and encourage huddles usage in your organisation.

Note: During the transition to huddles, support for troubleshooting calls issues will be limited.


Who can use huddles?

On the free subscription, huddles can have a maximum of two participants. On paid subscriptions, huddles can have up to 50 participants, and anyone in a conversation can join a Huddle once it starts.


How are huddles different from calls?

Huddles allow for informal collaboration in real time, so you’re not limited to only talking with the people that you decide to call. Unlike calls, huddles are faster, easier and more informal, and people can join and leave as they please.


Do huddles have all the same features as calls?

Huddles now offer all the functionality available in Slack calls and more – video, multi-person screen sharing, a dedicated message thread and reactions, stickers and effects. Compare the features of calls to huddles below:

Feature Calls Huddles
Video Yes Yes*
Screen share Yes (one person can share their screen at a time) Yes (two people can share their screens at once)*
Drawing on shared screens Yes Yes*
Thread for messages, links and files No Yes*
Emoji reactions, animated effects and stickers Emoji reactions Emoji reactions, effects and stickers*
Live captions Yes Yes
Notifications Yes (calls ring for all invitees) Yes (for DMs; in channels, you’ll only be notified if you’re invited to a huddle that’s taking place)*

*New features added to huddles in September 2022

What will the calls experience be between now and March 2023?

A few weeks after you have access to the new huddles features, you’ll see notifications in Slack prompting you to try huddles when you attempt to make a call. Slack calls will continue to work until 29 March, but will be completely unavailable starting 30 March.

Will I still be able to make calls with third-party apps?

Yes. The experience for third-party calling apps will remain unchanged, and support will continue for any apps that you’ve integrated with Slack.


Where can I learn more about huddles?

Read more about huddles features and how to use them to work side by side with your team in our Help Centre.