New: Coworking in huddles

Huddles recreate the quick and informal discussions that you’d have in the office directly in Slack. Whether you’re working remotely, in the office or a mix of both, we’ve added several new features to help teams collaborate in an entirely new space for coworking.

Someone starts a huddle in a Slack channel, turns their video on, then opens the huddle in a new window

What's new 

  • Turn on  video (or stay audio-only, if you like).
  • Open a huddle in a  new window to use Slack and other tools at the same time. 
  • Start a  dedicated thread for notes that automatically saves to the channel.
  • Help everyone to follow along with  multi-person screen sharing
  • Set a  topic so that others know what’s being discussed, or pick a custom background to match the mood of your meeting.
  • Keep conversations lively with  emoji, reactions and stickers

Give it a go

Follow the steps below to start a huddle in any conversation:

  1. Open a channel or DM. 
  2. Select the  headphones toggle in the bottom left corner of your sidebar.
  3. Click on the  camera icon to turn on your video or click on the  window icon to see a larger view of the huddle. 

Tip: Learn more about how to use huddles on your desktop and mobile devices.