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A report by Deloitte: Higher education reimagined

How universities are embracing and shaping the future of work to adapt to and drive digital transformation

In the US and globally, our work, workforces and workplaces are undergoing drastic change – universities must not only adapt to, but drive this transformation

The next move for higher education

Because higher education has two roles to play in addressing the Future of Work – both in preparing the Future Campus and the Future Student – the change imperative is even more evident. Steve Hatfield, Deloitte’s Global Future of Work Leader, explains this concept: ‘Humans [are going to be] doing things that are uniquely human – producing, creating, structuring and managing. To what extent you mirror that in education becomes really critical to the success of someone who’s going to be in that new workplace.’ While proactively addressing campus and student needs has always been essential, the urgency for advancement has been accelerated by pressures caused by COVID-19.

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