Guide to the Enterprise Grid admin dashboard

Org owners and org admins can oversee their Slack Enterprise Grid organisation from the admin dashboard – a one-stop shop to manage settings, members, channels and more for all the workspaces in an Enterprise Grid org.

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How to access the admin dashboard

  1. From your desktop, click your organisation name in the top left.
  2. Hover over Tools & settings, then click Organisation settings

You’ll be taken to the admin dashboard in a new page in your browser. Click the items in the left sidebar to expand the sections and find available settings.

A quick tour

Here’s an overview of some of the actions you can take in each section of the admin dashboard. Keep in mind that anything you configure in the admin dashboard will apply to every workspace in your org. To manage something for a specific workspace, visit Manage a workspace on Enterprise Grid instead.


Manage workspaces, apps and migrations:


Set up member accounts and IDP groups:


Add members, edit workspaces, manage posting permissions and more for all the channels in your Enterprise Grid org:

 Slack Connect

Adjust settings for channels and direct messages (DMs) you use to work with people from other companies:


Review a summary of your billing information and create a billable members report:

Note: For additional invoicing information or to make any changes to your billing, please reach out to your Slack account executive.


Use data to understand more about the messages, channels and members in your Enterprise Grid org:


Configure your single sign-on and mobile security settings, export content and create information barriers:


Manage organisation settings, permissions for specific features, message and file retention and system roles:

Who can use this feature?
  • Org owners and org admins
  • Available on the Enterprise Grid subscription