An introduction to Slackbot

Sometimes helper, sometimes messenger, always bot – Slackbot is there to help, whether it’s through a direct message (DM) or in a channel with your colleagues. Here’s what Slackbot can do:

  • Deliver reminders to you and your colleagues in channels and DMs
  • Notify someone when you mention them in a channel that they’re not part of
  • Let members know when a channel that they’re in has been archived
  • Send custom responses in your workspace

Note: it’s not possible to turn off all notifications from Slackbot. If you’re having trouble with too many messages or custom responses, get in touch with an owner or admin for help.

Where to find Slackbot

You may see Slackbot in channels throughout your workspace, delivering reminders and automated messages for you and your coworkers. When there’s a reminder or a message just for you, Slackbot will send you a DM. You can access your DM with Slackbot the same way that you would find a DM with anyone else in your workspace.

Slackbot custom responses

If an owner or admin has enabled this option, you and your coworkers can add a variety of custom responses to use in channels from the Customise your workspace page. When members use your chosen unique words and phrases, Slackbot will respond with the phrases, emoji or image links of your choosing.

Note: If a message includes multiple custom response triggers, Slackbot will only respond to the longest one.

Custom response ideas

Custom responses can be useful for answering commonly asked questions, or can be set up to surprise and delight the members of your workspace. You can add a custom response to help people to remember the office Wi-Fi password:


You can also use custom responses to bring some fun to your workspace:


Note: Custom Slackbot responses will post in channels and your personal DM, but not in DMs with other members or Slack Connect channels.

Who can use this feature?
  • By default, all members and guests can use Slackbot
  • Available on all subscriptions