An introduction to Slackbot

Slackbot is always willing to help, whether that's through direct message or in a channel with your teammates. Here are some ways you might use Slackbot:

  • To find answers to your questions about Slack.
  • To add customized automatic responses.
  • To access personal reminders and tasks.

Note: You can't turn off Slackbot. If you're having trouble with too many messages or custom responses, please speak to your Workspace Admins for help.


Get answers to your questions about Slack

If you’re not sure how to do something in Slack, like change your display name or share a channel, simply ask Slackbot a question or type in a keyword or two — Slackbot will do its best to help. If Slackbot doesn’t know the answer, it will suggest some articles from our Help Center.

Tip: Send yourself a direct message with notes and files that you’d like to keep private. That way, Slackbot won’t think you’re trying to ask for help. Visit Save private notes and files for more.


Add customized automatic responses

You and your teammates can teach Slackbot a variety of custom responses to use in channels. When members use your chosen unique words and phrases, Slackbot will respond.  

If your Workspace Owner or Admin has enabled this option, you can add custom responses from the Customize Your Workspace page.

As an example, some workspaces add a custom response to help people remember the office Wi-Fi password. You can even use emoji or image links — images will expand inline when Slackbot responds. All of your created responses will be labeled as custom response in Slack.


Note: Custom Slackbot responses occur in channels and in your DMs to yourself — not in direct messages with other members.


Access personal reminders and tasks

When you've set a reminder for yourself, Slackbot will be the one to alert you.

To set a reminder, you can use the /remind command — it works anywhere in Slack (even on mobile too!). 

If you see something in Slack that you want to save for later — like an interesting message, file, or conversation, perhaps — click the  More actions icon, hover over Remind me about this and choose when you’d like Slackbot to remind you about the message.

💡 Learn more about setting a reminder in Slack.



Who can use this feature?
  • All members and guests can use Slackbot. Note: Workspace Owners and Admins can choose to limit some features.
  • Available on FreeStandardPlus, and Enterprise Grid plans