To-do lists in Slack

Need to keep track of your own to-do list or share tasks with your teammates? With Slack, there are a number of ways to do this from your desktop. 

Create a post

For a traditional to-do list, you can create a post with checklist formatting. If you're working with a team, share the post in a relevant channel so that others can take turns editing the list or see the progress made. If the checklist is for yourself, you can keep your post private.

Use a third-party app

In the Slack App Directory, you'll find an assortment of productivity apps that help with organising tasks and to-do lists. Learn more about apps and our App Directory, plus how to add apps to your workspace.

Save messages and files

Create a to-do list for yourself by saving messages and files that need your attention. This is a great option for tracking items that you need to follow up on individually. To view your saved items, click  Saved items at the top of your left sidebar. When you've completed a task, you can remove the item from your saved list.  

Pin messages

Similar to saving messages and files for yourself, you can pin messages in the channel for all channel members to see. Review pinned items when you need to, and unpin them when you’re done. Because anyone in the channel can add or remove pins, they’re a great for collaborating on a to-do list.