Flag content in Slack

If you believe that certain content in Slack should be seen by your admins, you can flag a message for their review. The messages that you flag will be sent to designated admins, assigned by your org owners, to moderate your Enterprise Grid organisation.

Flag content

If your admins have enabled content flagging, you can flag messages in your organisation for review:

  1. Hover over the content that you’d like to report.
  2. Click the   three dots icon, then select Flag content.
  3. Enter a reason for flagging the content, then click Submit.

You’ll receive a Slackbot message to confirm your submission, and the content will be sent to your admins to review and remove, if necessary.


Can Slack read the content I flag?

No, Slack isn’t reading your flagged content. The messages that you flag are sent to designated admins in your org for review.

Who reviews the content that I flag?

Your org owners can designate specific people as content admins to review flagged content. These admins can see your name, the flagged content and your reason for flagging the content. If the admin doesn’t have access to the conversation the content is from (for example, a message from a private channel they don’t belong to), they'll only see the content of the flagged message itself.

Will others be notified that I flagged their message?

No. Your org’s designated admins will see who flagged the content, what was flagged and your reason for flagging. No one else will be notified.

Who can use this feature?
  • All members except guests
  • Available on the Enterprise Grid subscription