Use screen sharing to solve problems collaboratively

What’s it handy for?

Slack’s built-in calls functionality lets people solve their problems together, with drawing tools and screen sharing.

Screen sharing is useful for:

  • Giving feedback about a presentation or document
  • Sketching out new ideas using drawing tools
  • Walking a teammate through a multi-step process while sharing your screen

How to share your screen and solve problems together

  1. Hit the Call button in Slack to start a Slack Call
  2. Once connected on a call, hit the Share screen button. This also activates screen drawing, where participants can draw on the screen, in case you want to circle an area of the screen to highlight it or want to sketch out a new idea.
    Share screen on call

  3. Select the pencil icon during screen sharing to begin drawing. For example, you can circle something you want others to pay attention to any everyone on the call will be able to see your annotation.
    Allow users to draw on screen

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