Let your team know your working hours

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Working in a team distributed across the globe can be a challenge, especially when your coworkers span many time zones and locations.

Inform your team to:

  • Let everyone know what timezone you’re currently in
  • Schedule meetings at times that make sense for all attendees
  • Make requests during normal business hours for others

hover over slack colleagues profile with out of office status

How to let your team know your working hours:

  1. Have each team member set a descriptive custom status that reflects their workload.
    update your status in slack
    setting slack status to vactionining
  2. Encourage team members to use the Do Not Disturb feature during the day to block off distraction-free hours when they’re focused on their work.
    slack do not disturb set to two hours
  3. Make sure your timezone is set in your user profile, and encourage others to check user profiles before DMing them or scheduling meetings.
    slack profile showing local timezone
    If you’d like a dedicated tool for visually displaying time zones of every member, you can try the app Spacetime to track everyone’s status and locations.

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