Use screen sharing to solve problems collaboratively

What’s it handy for?

Slack’s built-in screen sharing functionality lets people solve their problems together, with shared drawing tools as well as the ability for each participant to operate their own mouse on a host’s shared screen.

Screen sharing is useful for:

  • Giving feedback about a presentation or document
  • Sketching out new ideas using drawing tools
  • Pair-programming, or any other kind of work where two people are doing something concurrently

screen sharing with your team

How to share your screen and solve problems together

  1. Hit the Call button in Slack to start a Slack Call
    Start a Slack call
  2. After connecting, hit the Share screen button and once your screen is shared, click the mouse pointer button to enable interactive sharing
    Share screen on call
  3. Participants will see your screen and you’ll see their mouse pointer on your screen alongside yours. You can work on documents, images, or code together, each typing on the screen or using menus and options in applications.
    Slack screen sharing
  4. Click the pencil icon when screen sharing to allow others to draw on your screen, in case they want to circle something they’re talking about or want to sketch out a new idea.
    Allow users to draw on screen

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