Share or copy a workflow

Workflows let you automate almost any task or process right in your Slack workspace. You can share workflows with others, and make copies to customize them for use with your own team.

Tip: To allow another person to make changes to a workflow you created, add them as a workflow manager.

Share a workflow

If you find a workflow other members of your workspace would benefit from using, follow the steps below to share it:

  1. Next to a workflow in a conversation or a canvas, click the  three dots icon
  2. Click   Forward workflow
  3. Choose a channel or a person from the dropdown menu, then click Forward. If the workflow starts with a link, you can click Copy Link, then paste it in a message anywhere in Slack. 

Copy a workflow

Rather than starting from scratch, you can make a copy of a workflow built by another member of your workspace and modify the steps to suit your needs.

  1. Next to a workflow in a conversation or canvas, click the  three dots icon
  2. Click Copy. Change the title of the workflow if you'd like, then click Copy. An unpublished draft of the workflow will be saved to Workflow Builder. 
  3. Open Workflow Builder, then select the workflow from the list to make changes.
  4. Click Publish

Note: If you don't see the option to copy a workflow, the creator may have restricted this permission.

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