A guide to apps and the App Directory

As a collaboration hub, Slack brings the right people and info together to get work done. But what about your tools? That’s where apps come in — they help you connect services like Zendesk, Salesforce, Jira, and more to Slack, including your own proprietary tools.

What are apps?

An app (short for application) is software that connects a service or tool to Slack. Apps can be built by Slack, third parties, or by your own team.

Think of apps as tools: they fill a specific need to help you do your work in Slack. This means you can share information, automate tasks, or access services without ever leaving your Slack workspace.

Who can use apps

Apps are for everyone. Want to connect the tools and services you use with Slack? Or need to make workflows more efficient? With 1,500+ apps in the Slack App Directory, there's probably an app that can help.

Not sure where to begin? Below is a selection of tools many companies use on a daily basis. Select an option from each category, connect them to your workspace*, and you’ll be off to a good start.

🗂File management
Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more options

📹Video conferencing
BlueJeans, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Cisco Webex, Zoom and more

✅Projects and tasks
Asana, Jira, Trello, To-Do, and much more

Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Doodle BotX.AI meeting scheduling

Slack for Gmail, Slack for Outlook

🎉Social and fun
Donut, Giphy, Polly, and lots more

Where to find apps

The Slack App Directory is the place to go. Browse apps of all kinds, whether for a specific type of work or a specific role. Each app is built to work with Slack, and all are reviewed by our team.

Who can add apps

Any member (but not guests) can add apps to a workspace, but Workspace and Org Owners can restrict this permission if they choose. Learn more about managing apps for a single workspace or for an Enterprise Grid org.

Note: If you don’t have permission to install apps, you may need to submit an app request to your Owners and Admins. Include details about how you’ll use the app and as much context as possible.

How to add apps to Slack

When you’ve found an app from the App Directory you’d like to install, click the green button just below the app's icon and follow the steps to connect it to Slack. For more details, check out Add an app to your workspace.

Once you’ve installed an app, send your teammates a message to let them know:Screen_Shot_2018-12-06_at_11.39.26_AM.png

Tip: To remove an app, follow the steps in our Remove apps and custom integrations from your workspace article. 

Learn more

To build your collaboration hub in Slack, connecting apps and getting your tools in one place is key. Check out the resources below and contact us if we can help!

  • See our Add Tools category of the Help Center.
  • Visit our blog to read the latest posts about apps.
  • Check out Slack Tips to see how to get more out of Slack with apps.