A guide to apps and the Slack App Directory

Slack brings the right people and information together to get work done, and apps connect your Slack workspace with the tools and services you use every day.

Tip: The Slack App Directory has more than 2,000 apps built for all types of organizations using Slack. Browse the App Directory to find the right apps for you and your company.

What are apps?

Apps are software that connect a tool or service (like Salesforce, Google Drive, or Jira) to Slack. Apps can be built by Slack, third parties, or your own team.

Add apps to Slack to centralize and streamline your work. With all of your tools in one place, you can easily share information by sending a relevant message in Slack to another service, or by creating tasks in your project management software directly from your workspace.

Where can you find apps?

Browse apps in the Slack App Directory

The Slack App Directory is the place to go to browse third-party apps, whether you’re looking for a specific tool, or you want to see apps available for your line of work. Each app in our App Directory is built to work with Slack and reviewed by our team.

View apps in your workspace from the Slack desktop app

You can also browse apps available in the App Directory right from Slack on your desktop. Click  Apps in the left sidebar to view apps available for everyone in your workspace, search for new apps, or open apps you’ve recently used.

Apps page in the Slack desktop app showing apps members can use in their workspace

How can you add and use apps?

Sign up for another service

To use most Slack apps, you'll need an account with the service you'd like to use in Slack. App developers may choose to make all features of their Slack app available for free or require a paid account with their service. 

If developers have submitted information about their app's pricing requirements to Slack, you'll see it on their app page in the Slack App Directory: 

Pricing Description
Free You can use the service and Slack app for free.
Free and paid plans available You can use the service and Slack app for free, but paid plans are available.
Paid with free trial You need a paid account with the service to use the Slack app, but there's a free trial available. 
Paid You need a paid account with the service to use the Slack app. 

Install an app to your workspace

Workspace members can add apps by default, but Workspace Owners can choose to restrict this permission. When you've found an app you'd like to use, click the Add to Slack button and follow the prompts. If you don't have permission to install apps, you may need to submit an app request instead. 

Use apps in Slack

Once an app is installed and connected to Slack, you can start using it right away. Some Slack apps have bot users that can send direct messages to members and post messages in channels. You may get a welcome message with tips for getting started, and other messages to help get the most out of the app. Other apps have a Home tab where you can view information, configure app settings, and more. 

Google Calendar app in Slack showing a daily schedule on the app's Home tab

Some apps include shortcuts you can use to take actions in Slack. Once an app is installed to your workspace, any shortcuts will be available in the shortcuts menu. You can click the  lightning bolt icon to the left of the message field to open the shortcuts menu and search for an app or specific app shortcut, or scroll down to the Browse by app section of the menu to see what's available. 

Shortcuts menu in Slack displaying apps with available shortcuts

Other apps have message shortcuts to help you move work from Slack to a connected app. For example, you may want to attach a Slack message with information about an ongoing software issue to a customer's support ticket in Zendesk. To use a message shortcut, click the  three dots icon next to any message in Slack and choose an available shortcut.

More actions menu on a Slack message showing available message shortcuts to choose from

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