Pin messages and bookmark links

You can pin messages and bookmark links in any channel or direct message (DM) for easy reference. Pinned messages are a great way to highlight existing messages in a conversation, while bookmarks make it easy to keep track of links. All members of a conversation can access pinned messages and bookmarks in the conversation header.

Screenshot of the bookmarks bar in a Slack channel

Tip: Need to keep track of something just for yourself? Save a message or file instead.

Manage pinned messages

Pin a message

  1. From your desktop, hover over the message that you’d like to pin.
  2. Click the  three dots icon.
  3. Select Pin to channel, or Pin to this conversation in a DM.

Remove a pinned message

  1. From your desktop, open a channel or DM, then click on Pinned messages in the conversation header.
  2. Hover over the message that you'd like to un-pin and click on the  close icon.
  3. Click on Remove pinned item to confirm. If you remove items that were pinned by other members, they’ll receive a Slackbot message letting them know.

Note: You can also pin messages from your mobile device. Tap and hold a message, then select Pin message or Pin to conversation.

Manage bookmarks

Add a bookmark

  1. From your desktop, open a channel or DM.
  2. Click on  Add a bookmark in the conversation header and select Add a bookmark to this channel.
  3. Paste a link, then add a name and emoji to display.
  4. Click Add.

Create a folder for bookmarks

  1. From your desktop, open a channel or DM.
  2. Right-click the bookmarks bar and select Create Folder.
  3. Enter a name for your folder and click Create.
  4. Drag and drop bookmarks into a folder to add them.

Edit or delete a bookmark or folder

  1. From your desktop, open a channel or DM.
  2. Right-click the bookmark or folder and select Edit or Delete.
  3. Make your changes and click on Save, or click on Delete to confirm.

Tip: You can rearrange bookmarks and pinned messages by dragging and dropping them in the conversation header.