Notify a channel or workspace

Depending on how many people you want to notify, you have a number of options for making announcements in Slack using mentions. Read on to learn how to send your message to everyone in Slack or just everyone in a specific channel. 📣

What to expect

  • @everyone notifies every person in the #general channel, @channel notifies all members of a channel and @here notifies only the active members of a channel.
  • These mentions won't notify people when their notifications are paused or when they're used in threads.
  • In channels with at least six members, Slack will ask you to confirm before you send a message with any of these mentions. Owners and admins can turn this warning off.
  • On the Enterprise Grid subscription, these mentions work differently in channels. If there are 10,000 members or more, only owners and admins can use @channel and @here. 

We suggest using these mentions sparingly. If you need to get the attention of someone specific, you can mention that person directly. On the Pro, Business+ and Enterprise Grid subscriptions, you can also notify a specific group of people by creating a user group.

Note: Owners and admins with permission can choose to restrict who can use @everyone, @channel and @here. If you don’t have the option to notify a channel or workspace, find an owner and ask for help.


@everyone can only be used in the #general channel, which is a channel that all members (except guests) are automatically added to. This mention will notify everyone in the #general channel, whether their availability is set to active or away.

When to use @everyone

  • Give your organisation information about a new holiday policy.
  • Alert everyone in the company about an emergency evacuation drill.

Note: By default, guests aren't able to use @everyone.


Use @channel to let everyone in a channel know about timely, relevant information. This will trigger a desktop or mobile notification for all members of the channel, whether their availability is set to active or away.

When to use @channel

  • Update your team about a last-minute change to a project deadline.
  • Let members know when you adjust a work process or the channel structure.

Tip: If you're building a Slack app that can notify members, the message from your app's bot user must contain or .


Use @here when you only need the attention of people who are actively working in any channel that you’re a member of. This is great for when you don’t want to notify colleagues who aren’t available at the time. 

When to use @here

  • Schedule an impromptu event, like a lunch outing, for people who are available.
  • Get a question answered quickly by colleagues who are on Slack.


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