Everything that you need to know about our first price change and subscription updates

Over the years, we have transformed Slack from a channel-based messaging app to your digital HQ, adding more value to empower our customers

By the team at Slack18th July 2022Illustration by Sabrena Khadija

A lot has changed in Slack – and the world – since we launched. Over the years, we’ve released so many innovations and expanded our offerings, including flexible tools to allow connection in more ways, robust security features, app integrations, workflows and much more. What some people may have once thought was ‘just another messaging app’ has now become the indispensable digital HQ for hundreds of thousands of customers, connecting their teams, tools and partners in one place.

To reflect all of that added value and ensure that we can keep investing in innovation, today we are announcing our first price increase since we launched in 2014. This increase will only affect users on our Pro subscription. In addition, we’re updating our Free subscription to make it easier than ever for users to try out new features. Both changes will go into effect on 1st September 2022.

Free users

Free users’ subscriptions will have expanded access to new features, including clips, which allow anyone to send audio and video and screen-share messages in direct messages and channels as a way to provide asynchronous team updates and reduce the number of meetings needed. Free teams can also now set a retention period for their messages and files.

We’re also simplifying subscription limits. Instead of a 10,000-message limit and 5 GB of storage, we are giving full access to the past 90 days of message history and file storage, so you’ll never have to guess when your team will hit your limit. The majority of our active free teams will have access to more of their message history with the new 90-day limit compared to the previous limit. No matter how much your free team uses Slack, you’ll always have access to 90 days of history.

We are constantly adding more features and value to all levels of Slack subscriptions, including our Free subscription. As your team grows and needs access to more features, Slack will grow with you.

Pro users

On 1st September 2022, monthly Pro subscriptions will increase from $8 USD to $8.75 USD per user per month, and annual Pro subscriptions will increase from $6.67 USD to $7.25 USD per user per month (pricing for other countries is available here).

Current customers on an annual Pro subscription can lock in the existing annual rate of $6.67 USD per user per month for another year by renewing the annual Pro subscription early, before 1st September. Customers currently on a monthly Pro subscription can also lock in the existing annual rate for one year by switching to an annual Pro subscription before 1st September.

The evolution of Slack: from channel-based messaging app to your digital HQ

At Slack, we’re always innovating and expanding our offerings to empower customers with a digital HQ and tools to meet teams’ needs both now and in the future. From creating custom integrations that make tasks easier to reacting with emoji to stay connected, our users take 15 billion actions in Slack each week. Here’s an overview of some key products that we’ve co-created with customers that are transforming the way they work:

  • Slack Connect: In a true digital HQ, you can move all communications – even those with external partners and customers – from siloed email inboxes to channels and direct messages in Slack. In 2020, we launched Slack Connect, a secure space that lets you collaborate with people working at other companies and organisations without leaving Slack. Now, 77% of Fortune 100 companies use it to collaborate with their customers and partners.
  • Slack huddles: Early in the pandemic, customers told us that they wanted to recreate the serendipity of the office – they missed stopping by a colleague’s desk to catch up and having impromptu brainstorming sessions. That’s why we built huddles, a digital-first way to mimic the on-the-fly, informal discussions that we had in physical offices. And just last month, we added a co-working space within huddles that includes optional video and multi-person screen sharing.
  • Clips: It can be challenging to find a meeting time that works for everyone. So we launched clips, a feature that allows you to create and share video and voice recordings in Slack – providing users with a quick and easy way to asynchronously share updates, thoughts and ideas with teammates. Each week, Slack users consume about 1.2 million minutes of clips. As you can imagine, this tool has been invaluable for distributed teams working asynchronously and across time zones.
  • Workflow Builder: There simply aren’t enough hours in a day. To give our customers back some time, we launched Workflow Builder, a no-code tool that lets teams automate routine tasks such as collecting weekly updates from your team and onboarding new hires. Since we launched it, more than 400,000 users have built workflows, and 80% of those using the tool come from non-technical backgrounds.

Our mission has always been to make your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive. As our work ecosystem continues to evolve, we’ll keep innovating to ensure that we’re staying ahead of the needs of our customers. We hope that our subscription updates will give you more flexibility and easier access to try Slack and see how a digital HQ can grow with your team, keeping you connected and productive.

For more information on each of our subscriptions, please visit our pricing page and our customer FAQs.

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