Save it for later

Starting in March 2023, you’ll notice some improvements to your  Saved items and Reminders to help you organise and prioritise your work in Slack. Read on to learn more about the features that we’ve added to the  Later view.   

What’s changed

  • A new name:
    In your sidebar,  Saved items is now called Later.
  • New ways to organise your to-do list:
    We’ve broken out your saved items into three tabs: In progress, Archived and Completed. These tabs help differentiate between work that you need to do, might want to reference later or that you’ve already finished.
  • Reminders:
    Any reminders that you’ve set for yourself now appear alongside other items in your In progress tab, where you can mark them as complete or change the reminder’s timeframe.

Tip: To learn more about saving items, visit Save messages and files.



Why were reminders merged with Later?

Saving a message and setting a reminder are two different but similar ways of indicating that something will need your attention at a later time. By combining the two, we hope it becomes easier to stay on top of your tasks.

Can I still set reminders?

You can continue to set reminders for yourself and for channels, but you won’t be able to set reminders for others. You can also set recurring reminders for yourself and for channels.

Can I still see my reminders with the /remind list slash command?

For now, using /remind list will continue to show a list of your pending and completed reminders. In addition, channel reminders and recurring reminders will only be visible using /remind list, and will not appear in Later. Going forward, any new reminders that you set for yourself will appear in your Later list.

Where are all the items I saved before this change?

Any previously saved item will appear in the Archived tab, where you can jump to the message in channel, unarchive it or leave it right where it is to reference later on.

How can I search items in Later?

You can narrow your search to items in  Later with the search modifier is:saved.

What is the difference between the In progress, Archived and Completed tabs?

The In progress tab is where all items will appear after you save them. 

The Archived tab is a great place to store items that you reference regularly, or think you might need at a later time.

The Completed tab is where your items move when you’ve marked them complete. You can untick any completed message to return it to your In progress tab.

Who can use this feature?