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The rise of sales operations

Learn about the critical role that sales operations plays in boosting sales collaboration and performance

As sales transforms from an instinct-led art into a data-driven science, the importance of the sales operations discipline has taken off.

In every large company that we’ve seen, sales operations is expanding to touch more and more processes, while shaping new workflows, driving better policies and delivering holistic data (and insights) across the entire sales cycle and beyond. We’re convinced that the best sales ops teams are those that best help the sales organisation to collaborate – in all directions.

This 360-degree collaboration landscape is what this e-book is about.

It makes a case for:

  • The power of collaboration in sales
  • The role of sales operations in making that collaboration happen
  • Why legacy comms (mainly internal email) can’t support it
  • Why integrated, channel-based collaboration can

Download this e-book to find out more about the rise of sales ops as a function, and how collaboration is becoming even more important in the new connected world.

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