Send a message later

What’s it handy for?

Sometimes, an epiphany hits you in the middle of the night. You can certainly share it with your team in a Slack channel, but you’re not sure if everyone is using Do Not Disturb. What if you want to schedule it for 9AM the next day?

Use Kyber to schedule sending messages to:

  • Share an idea for your project when everyone’s in the office
  • Give your team an update when you’re away from your desk
  • Remind people of an important message at just the right time

Before you get started

Sign up for an account at Kyber and install it in your Slack workspace. 

How to send messages at a later time

  1. Type the slash command /kyber to get a menu of options
  2. Choose New Message from the menu
    Adding the details for the message you'd like to send at a different time
  3. Write your message text and choose a time and date to send it
    Scheduling a message to be sent at a later time using the Kyber app
  4. Preview your message and hit the Schedule button to save it
    Kyber app posting a message at a later time on behalf of the user
  5. At the scheduled date and time, your message will appear in Slack

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