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Your complete guide to launching Slack Sales Elevate

Resources from technical setup through to user enablement

Is your organization new to Slack? If so, check out our guide to launching Slack company-wide.


Sales Elevate combines the power of Sales Cloud and Slack to drive return on investment through time savings, healthier pipelines and aligned team-selling processes. Why is this needed? According to the most recent Salesforce State of Sales Report, most reps are spending only 28% of their week actually selling. Bogged down by administrative tasks, they spend less time with customers and take longer to close deals. As an admin, by investing this time to set up Sales Elevate, you are enabling your sales team to focus on what they do best: sell, and therefore drive revenue for your organization.

This article will walk you through the four phases of launching Sales Elevate to your sales org:

  1. Technical setup
  2. Use-case definition
  3. Best practices
  4. Launch

Each phase will require you to bring together different stakeholders within your organization to ensure success. Overall, you will need to assign the following roles:

  • Executive sponsor: Sales leader
  • Core project team: Project manager, solution owner, Salesforce admin, sales enablement partner(s), change-management/communications owner
  • Subject-matter experts/champions: Functional experts for questions and escalations
  • Admins and technical leads: Salesforce admin(s), Slack admin(s)

Now is a great time to create a dedicated channel, such as #proj-launch-sales-elevate, for these stakeholders to collaborate in one place. Use a canvas to note the stakeholders and their role.

Phase 1: Technical setup

Here you’ll find the resources you need to configure Slack Sales Elevate, including connecting it to your Salesforce org. We estimate the work covered in this section will take 2-3 hours to complete.

💡 What you’ll learn

  • The process of configuring Sales Elevate
  • Settings and configurations required for your Salesforce org
  • How to provision Sales Elevate users

👤 Who you’ll need

  • Slack admin
  • Salesforce admin

📚 Resources


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Phase 2: Use-case definition

With the technical configuration complete ✅, it’s time to bring your project team together to define your use cases for Sales Elevate. Consider prioritizing those that will be most impactful for launch, and continue to add them as your team’s use of Slack matures. With the resources below as your guide, this should take 1-2 hours to complete.

💡 What you’ll learn

  • Understand stakeholders across your organization
  • Define use cases by personas
  • How to set up key use cases in your Slack environment

👤 Who you’ll need

  • Core project team

📚 Resources

Phase 3: Best practices

Tried-and-true ways to leverage Slack features to best support your sales team. Read up on these best practices, align with your stakeholders on how to implement them, and set them up in Slack. We estimate this phase will take 4-6 hours to complete.

💡 What you’ll learn

  • Ways Slack can help your team boost productivity, close deals faster and win as a team
  • Slack tools to measure engagement and drive adoption

👤 Who you’ll need

  • Executive sponsor
  • Subject-matter experts
  • Sales enablement partners

📚 Resources

Phase 4: Launch

You’ve done the work and now it’s almost go time! Prepare to communicate with and enable your sales org on their new way of working and the benefits of these changes. Now is a great time to set up an #announcements-sales channel with limited posting permissions for these important updates to be shared in. With our pre-recorded videos and templated comms, our hope is that this will take under 2 hours to complete.

💡 What you’ll learn

  • Templates for communicating the launch of Sales Elevate
  • Enablement materials to ensure users feel confident in setting up and using their Sales Elevate

👤 Who you’ll need

  • Executive sponsor
  • Sales enablement partner(s)
  • Change-management/communications owner

📚 Resources

You did it—you’ve launched! 🚀

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