Three businesses in communication representing Slack Connect

Slack Connect: a better way to work with external partners

Learn how to securely and effectively work with external partners and customers in Slack

Two chat boxes shaped as puzzle pieces fitting into one another with purple accents

Getting started with Slack Connect

Speed up communication and work more securely with external partners, vendors and people outside your company

Buildings with message icons

Introducing your partners to Slack Connect

Simple tips and templates to help you onboard your partners to working with you in channels.

Two external partners with a Slack direct message icon between them

Securely direct message trusted partners with Slack Connect DMs

Enable real-time communication by inviting an external partner to direct message in Slack

Two conjoined circles of people figurines symbolize connection two organizations via Slack Connect

Tips for working with people outside your company in Slack Connect

So you received an invite to join a Slack Connect channel. Welcome! Here’s what to do next:

A striped lifeguard float buoy against a peach background

Resolve customer issues faster with Slack Connect

Deliver better support to your customers and triage issues faster by working together in a Slack channel

Three consecutively rising steps with a ball progressing up the steps against a green background

Work quickly with partners on joint initiatives

Grow your business and seize new opportunities by working together with your partners in a Slack channel

A 3D bar graph representation against a purple background

Close deals with prospects faster

Maintain relationships and keep up deal momentum by working in a Slack channel with customers

Three boxes, one opened, against a blue background

Work quickly with vendors and suppliers

Stay flexible and capitalize on new opportunities by working securely with partners in a Slack channel

A megaphone with squiggles denoting noise against a green background

Work faster with agency partners

Agencies are extensions of your team. Work together in a Slack channel, just like you do with your internal team

External Collaboration and Slack with shared channels icon

An introduction to sharing channels and guest accounts

Learn a few ways to bring work with external partners into Slack and how to choose between your options

A half-moon of dominoes against a yellow background

Build stronger customer relationships

Stay connected to customers and keep communication flowing by working securely together in a Slack channel


A laptop showing the Slack app on a desk with split colors representing Slack Connect

A better way to work with partners outside your company

Speed up communication with outside organizations with Slack Connect, a secure place to collaborate alongside your partners, vendors, and customers


Colored shapes connected with lines representing Slack Connect

Three steps to a successful Slack Connect launch

Supercharge external collaboration by bringing Slack Connect to your organization


A hand holding files and a hand giving a thumbsup representing Slack Connect for marketing

Tap the full potential of marketing partnerships

Learn how to work faster with agency partners in Slack Connect


white blocks surrounding blue stairs with yellow block on it

Slack Connect: Build loyalty with every support experience

Deliver better support to your customers and triage issues faster with Slack Connect