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Work faster with agency partners

Agencies are extensions of your team. Work together in a Slack channel, just like you do with your internal team

Save time by working in one place

For marketing teams, the shift to remote work makes it harder to closely collaborate with agency partners. Eliminate back and forth and bring your teams together by sharing a channel with your agency of record.[footnote reference=”” note=”Claims and figures based on specific teams using Slack Connect at their companies. Results may vary at your organization.” /]

Marketing teams use Slack Connect to:

  • Discuss important information and changing priorities 
  • Collaborate on campaigns by providing feedback in one place
  • Share ideas and brainstorm concepts for new campaigns [stat_row stat_1="50% | Decrease in turnaround time for reviews and approvals" stat_2="80% | Decrease in emails with an agency" stat_3="3x | Faster response for a customer testimonial request"/]

A channel thats shared with an agency partner looks and feels like a channel you use with your internal team. People from up to 20 different companies can join, so everyone can stay aligned and drive results in one shared space


Book a free 20 minute call with a Slack expert to help you get started working with your external partners in Slack.


[quote quote="Sharing design files with a print vendor used to be a time-consuming four-step process. Now that can happen automatically, in a fraction of the time." source="Andrew Coulter Enright" title="Vice President of Brand Design" company="Cole Haan" cta_text="Read their story" cta_url="https://slack.com/customer-stories/cole-haan" image="" alt="" /]


Thousands of companies already use Slack Connect to work better together

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How to get started with Slack Connect

1. Create the channel

Click the + button next to Channels in your sidebar. Name the channel, and click Create.

[image_full src="https://d34u8crftukxnk.cloudfront.net/slackpress/prod/sites/6/01-Create-the-channel.gif?w=128&h=96&crop=1" alt="Animated gif showing a cursor mark creating a new channel in Slack" caption="" loc_type="" locales="" countries="" /]

2. Send the invite

Follow the prompt to share the channel outside your workspace. Send your partner an email invite right from Slack, or copy the link provided and email the invite directly.

[image_full src="https://d34u8crftukxnk.cloudfront.net/slackpress/prod/sites/6/02-Share-the-link.gif?w=128&h=96&crop=1" alt="Animated gif showing a cursor mark copy an invitation link in Slack and pasting it in an email" caption="" loc_type="" locales="" countries="" /]

3. Wait for your agency partner to accept

Pour yourself a cup of tea. Once your agency partner clicks the link, they’ll be taken back to Slack, where they can accept the invite and set up the channel on their end.

[image_full src="https://d34u8crftukxnk.cloudfront.net/slackpress/prod/sites/6/03-Wait-for-partner-to-accept.gif?w=128&h=96&crop=1" alt="Animated gif showing a cursor mark click on an invitation link in an email, which takes it to Slack to accept the invitation" caption="" loc_type="" locales="" countries="" /]

4. Let your admin approve

Depending on your settings, the invitation will be sent to an admin on both teams for approval. Admins can manage channel invitations by clicking on their workspace name > Administration > Manage shared channels.

[image_full src="https://d34u8crftukxnk.cloudfront.net/slackpress/prod/sites/6/04_Get_admin_approval_updated-ia.gif?w=128&h=96&crop=1" alt="Animated gif showing a cursor mark approve a pending request to share a channel in Slack" caption="" loc_type="" locales="" countries="" /]

Get started

Join the network of global companies collaborating together in Slack Connect.

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  • Learn more about the benefits of working with partners in channels.
  • To share a channel, you’ll need to be on a paid plan. For more info, check out our pricing and plans.

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