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Introducing your partners to Slack Connect

Simple tips and templates to help you onboard your partners to working with you in channels.

Slack Connect is a faster way to work with people from outside your company. Save time by bringing everyone you work with into one place—no more switching between different tools.

We’ve put together some tips to get you and your partners started, plus a customizable email template you can send to your partners, customers or vendors to help get them started working in Slack.

How to invite your partners

Slack Connect is available with any paid plan. Just like when using Slack with your internal colleagues, you can choose to use either channels or direct messages to communicate with your partners.

How to get started

  • Invite your partner to a channel or direct message in Slack.
  • Wait for your partner to accept the invitation.
  • Think about how many channels you’ll need to share with your partner. If you’re working on more than one project together, you’ll likely need more than one channel. You can have as many channels as you need! Just as you wouldn’t put all your emails in one chain, you don’t need to put all your messaging into one Slack Connect channel.
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Partners not on a paid Slack plan? No worries! 

Some of your partners might be using the free version of Slack, or not using Slack at all yet. If you are on the Enterprise Grid plan, teams on a free plan can join channels they’re invited to in your org without having to upgrade or start a free trial. If you are on a different paid plan, not a problem! Once you invite your partners to collaborate in Slack, if they’re eligible, they’ll get a 90-day free trial of Slack’s Pro plan*.

Ready to get started?

Here’s an email template to use when inviting your partner:

Note: You can choose to invite your partner via email or by sending the invitation right from Slack.


Here’s a template for the first message you post in a channel shared with your partner:


Here’s a preview of what your Slack post will look like: 

An introduction to Slack Connect in a channel post

As with many things, the more you learn, the more questions you may have. Check out or our blog to keep learning about new ways companies are using Slack Connect to grow relationships and achieve their goals together.


*The details

Who’s eligible

  • Teams using the free version of Slack (who haven’t already had a Slack Connect trial) and those using Slack for the first time are eligible. An existing Slack account or workspace is not required, and can be created at the time of sign-up.
  • Eligible teams will have access to Slack’s Pro plan and all its premium features, including Slack Connect, for 90 days.
  • This trial offer can be applied only once per workspace.

Accepting a Slack Connect trial

  • You won’t need to add a credit card to accept the trial offer.
  • You can upgrade your workspace at any time during the trial. If the trial ends and you choose not to upgrade, your workspace will move to the free version of Slack and any Slack Connect channels will be disconnected.
  • If you upgrade within five days of the trial ending, Slack Connect channels that include one other organization will be reconnected. Your organization must be re-invited to channels that include multiple organizations.

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