How Inter modernizes its operations with Slack and AI

“Slack is the perfect dream product. Data, AI and CRM come together to help us anticipate our customers’ needs and develop new products.”

Lucas CaputoIT Governance Analyst, Inter

As the first Brazilian bank to be 100% digital, Inter is a pioneer in the financial services industry. Since its start in 1994, the bank has always been committed to simplifying the lives of its customers, but as it scaled and expanded its services into e-commerce, it needed to modernize its operations for its 3,600 employees. The bank was looking for a solution that integrated AI into its processes and allowed everyone to collaborate and communicate quickly. At the same time, it needed a tool that would keep customer data safe and support compliance with  the Brazilian Central Bank’s stringent regulatory requirements.

To meet these needs, the bank turned to Slack. Since adopting Slack as the company’s intelligent productivity platform in 2022, the entire Inter team has witnessed significant strides in efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Building apps quickly on Slack’s platform to automate daily tasks

Inter chose to develop its own generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) application, InterGPT, within Slack to have greater control over data usage. It combines the power of ChatGPT with the security of Slack to simplify work for the bank’s employees.

Inter built the app in two days on the open and secure Slack platform, which allows developers to build custom apps using the language model of their choice. Within a week, employees were using the app.

Inter’s executive tech manager Christian Pinheiro says one of his favorite things about using the Slack platform is how easy it is to use to build apps like InterGPT. “Anyone can build Slack apps and Slack workflows,” he says. To date, Inter has built 60 apps and over 200 workflows within Slack.


“What I love the most about Slack is we can automate things really fast by creating apps, and we can bring together our people and our systems.”

Christian PinheiroExecutive Tech Manager, Inter

Optimizing customer service efficiency and cost savings with a custom GPT app

Employees use InterGPT for a variety of tasks, from speeding up product development with faster code generation to calculating ROI for customers and offering investment advice. They also use the app to draft and translate marketing copy and help employees find and distill key information in contracts and legal documents. It does all that and more while keeping the information secure.

“We also have a Slack App with a GPT solution that helps our customer care team answer our clients faster. So when a client asks something, instead of looking through database documents or watching videos, the team can just ask InterGPT about what they need, and it provides a faster and more reliable answer,” Pinheiro says. “It’s a copilot for our customer care team, enhancing their capabilities to provide quality care to our clients.”

With InterGPT, each employee saves an average of 30 minutes per day, time that can be dedicated to more meaningful, high-value work. Meanwhile, the company saves $13,000 per month in time spent, adding up to over $150,000 per year.

“Slack and InterGPT helps our employees find answers faster and make informed decisions.”

Lucas Caputo IT Governance Analyst, Inter

Continuing to innovate on Slack’s platform for future expansion

Inter is not slowing down on its innovation and expansion with Slack. The bank is set to launch the Interpedia app, powered by the Slack and Salesforce integration. This synergy enables seamless access to knowledge stored in Salesforce directly within Slack. Employees across various departments, including HR, legal, procurement, IT, compliance, and sales, will benefit from the integration’s AI capabilities, allowing for enhanced efficiency in their daily tasks.

The tool will act as a single source of truth as the company grows and brings in more people and products. As Inter focuses on acquisitions to expand its product base, it’ll be ready for a future of working smarter with Slack’s AI-driven platform.