View all your unread messages

Browsing your unread messages lets you catch up on the messages that you missed while you were away. From Unread messages on desktop and Catch up on mobile, there are a few ways in which you can take actions on your unread messages:

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View your unread messages



From   Home, click on   Unread messages at the top of your sidebar. If you don't see this option, you can adjust your sidebar preferences to always show Unreads in your sidebar.
From   Home, tap   Catch up. You’ll see a preview of your most recent unread message and a count of how many unread messages are available to swipe through.

Note: Messages in muted or archived channels aren't included in Unread messages or Catch up.

Navigate unread messages

Sort and filter unread messages

Change how your unread messages are sorted on your desktop to best suit your working style. Click the Sort menu at the top of the Unread messages view to sort messages like your sidebar, alphabetically, in a recommended order, by newest activity or by oldest activity.

You can filter your unread messages according to your sidebar sections. To filter, click the Filter menu, right next to Sort. On paid subscriptions, you'll be able to filter by each of your custom sidebar sections.

Note: Sorting and filtering options for unread messages are only available on desktop.

Mark messages as read



Click Mark as Read to clear a conversation's messages when you've read them. You can also scroll to the bottom of the Unreads messages view and click Mark All Messages Read.

  • If you clicked on Mark as Read too quickly, click Undo to restore the messages to the Unread messages view.
  • When you’d like to come back to a conversation's messages later, click the  arrow icon beside the conversation name to collapse it. Click on the icon again when you're ready to view the unread messages.

From the message preview, swipe right to mark a conversation’s messages as read and move on to the next unread message. You can also press and hold the Mark as read button to mark all messages as read. 

  • If you swiped on a conversation too quickly, tap Undo to view the messages again.
  • To leave a message unread and come back to it later, swipe left to skip it.

Refresh for new messages



When new messages become available while you’re viewing your Unread messages, the  syncing arrows icon will appear in the header. Click on the icon to reveal a fresh batch of unread messages.

To see new unread messages, you'll need to reopen the Catch up view. Tap the   close icon, then tap   Catch up to reopen it.

Reply in a conversation



To send a message in an unread channel or DM, or to jump to a conversation, click on the timestamp on any message.

To send a message in an unread channel or DM, type your reply in the message field. To jump to a conversation, tap an unread message, then tap the conversation name at the top.

Message actions



You can't send new messages from the Unread messages view, but you can hover on any message, then click the   three dots icon to save, share, add a reaction, pin, set a reminder, start a thread and more.
Tap and hold any message in the Catch up view to access the message actions, where you can add a reaction, set a reminder, save for later, forward and more.

Keyboard shortcuts

Use these shortcuts on your desktop to get caught up even faster from the Unread messages view. 

  Mac Windows
Open the Unreads view ShiftA CtrlShiftA
Move focus to the message list F6 F6
Move between messages or or
Mark a group of messages as read Esc Esc
Mark a message as unread OptionClick AltClick
Expand or collapse a group of messages or or

Tip: To view a list of keyboard shortcuts, press +/ (Mac) or Ctrl+/ (Windows/Linux) or visit Slack keyboard shortcuts.