A simpler sidebar

Starting in June 2022, you’ll notice some changes to the look and feel of your sidebar in Slack. Keep reading to get familiar with what’s changed and why.

Note: These changes are rolling out gradually. We appreciate your patience as we make them available to everyone.


What’s changed

  • New ways to see who is working in a channel: You'll notice fewer icons in your sidebar, but you can hover over a channel name to see if it’s a Slack Connect channel or if it’s been added to other workspaces in your organisation.
  • Neater alignment: More easily scan section headers and conversations in your sidebar at any screen size.
  • Dimmer notification badges: We’ve replaced the red notification badges in our default theme with a more subtle replacement to catch your attention without demanding it.



Why did Slack’s design change?

The sidebar is an important part of Slack, full of critical information and the latest activity – but it’s also become crowded and overwhelming. Because we’re committed to improving our users’ experience with Slack, we decided to update the sidebar design to reduce the clutter and distractions.

Where did the Slack Connect channel icon go?

We removed the icon from Slack Connect channels to keep your sidebar looking tidy. You can hover over a channel name to see if any external organisations are also working in the channel, and you’ll also see a banner with the same information when you view the channel.

Where did the cross-workspace channel icon go?

We removed the icon from cross-workspace channels to keep your sidebar looking tidy. You’ll know if a channel is shared across all the workspaces in your org when you hover over the channel name in your sidebar or in the conversation header.

Can I change my mention badges back to red?

Yes. You can change your mention badges back to red from your preferences. If you like, you can also create a custom theme.

The items at the top of my sidebar look different. Did you add or take away any options there?

We’ve updated the icons and cleaned up some names, but you have the same options at the top of your sidebar. For example, your All DMs view is now Direct messages, and All unread is simply Unread, but click into any sidebar item to see it exactly as you’re used to.

Is the channel list on the mobile app also changing?

Yes, we’re updating the channel list on the Slack for iOS and Android apps to match these changes to the sidebar. But just like on desktop, everything is right where you left it.