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How Grammarly improves the world’s writing with help from Slack

How Spotify boosted ad sales and streamlined operations

Straker Translations breaks down information silos with Slack

Stationery, stapler and pencil laid out neatly on a desk

How Kokuyo used Slack to achieve 138% year-over-year sales growth

How Slack keeps Envato’s workers engaged and productive

Bolt uses automation for a human and efficient workplace

SK C&C employee works at a computer

SK C&C transforms the service paradigm to unlock productivity with Slack

How OneOncology drives innovation in community oncology with Slack

Two people huddled around a laptop engaging in a discussion, while one person points at screen

How OpenAI connects with customers and expands ChatGPT with Slack

Ad Hoc uses Slack to drive digital transformation for government agencies

CBS employees working together

Statistics Netherlands safeguards uptime with faster incident response


Service NSW fortifies government teamwork with Slack

Sephora SEA

A grass-roots movement: How Slack became Sephora’s productivity platform in South-East Asia

From kitchen table to global team: how Ambit evolved on Slack

Engagement pioneer Xoxoday seamlessly collaborates with partners

Engineering empathy: Why Slack is Springworks’ product springboard

Why creative agency Schbang chose Slack over WhatsApp … and five other apps


IBM’s productivity platform: On the cutting edge of innovation and excellence

Sharesies use Slack to eliminate barriers for faster incident resolution

YouTrip relies on Slack to stay agile and innovative

How Slack became Nine’s productivity platform and helped rewrite its culture story

Fueled by efficiency and culture, Freecharge pioneers neobanking

Onfido takes internal communication to the next level with Slack

Two customers looking at a cell phone

How T-Mobile supports over 100 million customers with its productivity platform

To democratise e-commerce, Meesho solves issues in hours, not days

Vend and Trustpilot align in Slack to deliver best-in-class customer service

How global agency The Jacky Winter Group fields and delivers briefs on a 24-hour workflow

‘No one uses Slack like us’: How X-Team’s culture delivers 98% dev retention

With Slack’s Workflow Builder, Canva’s finance team turns to async standups and saves 63.75 hours a week

An eclectic mix of ethical clothing and home accessories inside a small shop.

How NatWest’s Mettle uses Slack to give customers seamless service

Flowers blooming

Business is blooming for


RBC’s tech teams explore new ways of working with Slack

Le Wagon coding bootcamp

Le Wagon scales one of the world’s best coding bootcamps with Slack


By popular demand: Target integrates Slack to unlock grassroots innovation and collaboration

intuit-quickbooks- hero

Support agents at Intuit QuickBooks increase customer satisfaction by 12% with Slack


Mission-critical sales work at Lyft Business


Shipt scales its delivery ecosystem to meet growing demand with Slack


How Oscar Health uses Slack to simplify healthcare and keep members happy


How Slack helps Hearst deliver clickable content in the digital age


Improving collaboration with Slack


How e-commerce unicorn Veepee decreased incidents by 67% with Slack


Vodafone dials up developer innovation and customer capability with Slack


Solarisbank speeds up partner communication with Slack


How Slack helps Influx scale digital-first support teams across nine countries

Investing in teamwork pays off

  • 338%

    return on investment1

  • $2.1 USD

    million in productivity savings1

  • 85%

    say that Slack has improved communication2

  • 47%

    feel more productive2

1 Weighted average. Based on 2,707 survey responses from weekly Slack users in the US, UK, Australia and Canada with a ± 2% margin of error at 95% CI (December 2021).
2 All values are reported in risk-adjusted, three-year present value. ‘The Total Economic Impact of Slack for Technical Teams’, Forrester, 2020.