How Stripe accelerates work with automations in Slack, Sales Cloud and Slack Sales Elevate

‘Slack allows us to automate work in a world that doesn’t have the same human-resources capacities that it used to’.

Jonathan CarterManager of Corporate Engineering Automations and Integrations, Stripe

If you’ve ever made an online purchase or completed a transaction with leading brands, then you’ve probably relied on Stripe to process your payment swiftly and securely. Millions of companies in over 120 countries – from the world’s largest enterprises to the most ambitious startups – use Stripe to accept payments, grow their revenue and accelerate new business opportunities. 

Stripe chose Slack as its intelligent productivity platform to streamline daily work, build meaningful relationships with employees and partners and scale efficiency with automations and AI.

Automating routine tasks to accelerate work

Did you know that the average desk worker reports using up to 52 different tools each week to get work done? While each tool may add value, switching between them can be frustrating and time-consuming. Jonathan Carter, the manager of corporate engineering automations and integrations at Stripe, is all too familiar with this challenge.

Carter is responsible for deploying time-saving tools that connect and streamline Stripe’s tech stack. That’s why his team relies on Slack’s flexible platform to integrate with the apps employees depend on to manage internal data, such as MuleSoft (a Salesforce-owned sister company to Slack).

Slack has integrations with over 2,600 software tools and custom apps, enabling work to be done on a single productivity platform. Being able to quickly find, share and act on information across tools without juggling tabs means teammates can stay focused on meaningful work.

With Slack, Stripe employees can easily automate standardised tasks using Workflow Builder. This intuitive no-code tool allows them to automate routine functions such as collecting requests from teams and product feedback from users. The teams can use these workflows within designated channels and respond with time-saving emoji to communicate when someone is on the case.

Elsewhere, Slack helps Stripe to build custom apps that speed up tasks such as employee onboarding. When a class of new hires joins Stripe, they are automatically added to a Slack channel where they can connect with one another. Onboarding conversations are kept in one central place, and leaders can pin messages and bookmark links containing important information so it’s easy to find.

Stripe also takes advantage of the Google Workspace integration for Slack, which makes it easy to access time-saving tools such as Google Calendar all in one place. Google Calendar sends a notification in Slack when a meeting is about to start. Once the event kicks off, participants’ Slack status automatically updates, letting teammates know that they’re in a meeting.

Carter estimates that these automations save Stripe’s people operations team thousands of hours of manual labour each month.

‘Slack allows us to automate work in a world that doesn’t have the same human-resources capacities that it used to. We’re also able to build frameworks around automation that other teams can repeat to save time’.

Jonathan CarterManager of Corporate Engineering Automations and Integrations, Stripe

Bringing Stripe to more users with Slack Sales Elevate

Stripe’s team of account executives, managers and sales leaders use the combined power of Slack and Salesforce’s Sales Cloud to scale the impact of its sales team.

Stripe’s sales reps used to spend hours updating their accounts each week, cutting into time that they could better spend with users. Today, with Slack Sales Elevate, they can access Salesforce data – customer records, accounts, opportunities and key metrics – in the flow of work in Slack. Sales Elevate allows reps to update CRM data directly from Slack, which automatically syncs back into Sales Cloud. As a result, there are fewer pain points for sellers and the data stays clean and accurate. This process boosts team visibility at every stage of the deal cycle, keeping the whole team on top of account changes, team wins and overall targets.

‘Using Sales Elevate, we’re able to make decisions faster. It offers insights into deal progress and sales forecasts, helping us to become more agile and pivot quickly when necessary’.

Jeanne DeWitt GrosserChief Business Officer, Stripe

Boosting productivity with secure AI

Elsewhere, teams in Stripe are using Anthropic’s Claude app for Slack, which helps with productivity by offering creative and collaborative writing, Q&A and more. Stripe also built an internal AI tool that can summarise useful information from the Trailhead for Slack integration.

And as Stripe implements Slack AI, teammates are looking forward to significant time savings with features such as thread summaries, channel recaps and AI-powered search. These new native features will empower teams to minimise time spent on catching up or searching for information, enabling them to focus on top priorities and accomplish much more in Slack.

Furthermore, with the combined power of Slack and Salesforce Customer 360, teams across Stripe – from sales to service – can collaborate effectively and streamline workflows built around CRM data to better support users.

‘We use Slack every day’, says Jeanne DeWitt Grosser, Stripe’s chief business officer, ‘from reviewing weekly metrics to working through integration challenges as our users continue to scale’.