Enhance your enterprise directory with Rimeto

Rimeto is a modern enterprise directory system that makes it easier for people in your organization to understand who they’re working with.

Detailed profiles for every person — that may be filled with information about who they are, what teams they’re on, and what projects they’re working on — let people work more efficiently with the added context accessible in one place. Rimeto can also include profiles for teams, projects, offices, and more. 

Users can explore the directory or use search to find people using any attributes included in profiles. Rimeto is accessible on both web or native mobile. 

Today, Rimeto is configured with help from Slack to meet the unique needs of each customer.

  • Customize the types of information shared in profiles 
  • Integrate data from other enterprise systems and tools
  • Manage which profile fields are locked or editable by users
  • Secure access and authentication through SAML-based single sign-on 

Let's talk: To learn more about specific pricing and using Rimeto with your company, contact us.