Keep track of vacation schedules with calendar sharing

What’s it handy for?

Give your team visibility and brace them for upcoming absences by tracking vacation schedules and posting them regularly to Slack.

Tracking vacation with calendar sharing is great for:

  • Giving notice to your team when you’re out of the office
  • Helping people plan around others being away
  • Knowing when to reschedule a meeting

Before you get started

Connect Google Calendar to Slack using the Google Calendar for Team Events app and pick a channel to post into, where the whole team will see.

How to keep track of vacation schedules

  1. Use Google Calendar to create a calendar for tracking time off and share it with your team. Ask people to put their vacation days on the calendar.
    shared google calendars with team

  2. Set calendar updates to post a once a week summary (Monday morning often works best) into a channel used by your whole team like #marketing-team or #sales-apac.
    Google Calendar updates for marketing team

  3. Plan accordingly around schedules.

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