Collaborate on client presentation

What’s it handy for?

Collaborate with teammates in Slack to make your presentations as good as they can be. Post in-progress drafts to solicit feedback, gather comments, and make any necessary adjustments together.

Collaborating on presentations is great for:

  • Accepting and incorporating feedback from your team
  • Making client presentations as good as they can be
  • Sharing the work of preparing to interface with clients

Before you get started

If you’re using services like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox to share files together, connect them to your Slack team first.

How to prepare for a client presentation

  1. Setup a channel for your team, for your project, or for your presentation where you can coordinate with others to get the right people together to discuss your approach, share drafts, and get feedback.
  2. Share an in-progress first draft of your presentation in the channel
  3. Ask for feedback and comments in a thread or in the file’s own comments
  4. Incorporate feedback from everyone and share with the group when it’s final and ready for your client meeting

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