Purchase Slack AI

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Slack AI is an add-on for Slack on paid subscriptions that lets you summarise conversations and find answers to questions using generative AI tools. Read on to learn more about how to purchase Slack AI for your organisation.

What to expect

  • If you're on the Pro or Business+ subscriptions, purchase Slack AI by clicking on Get Slack AI from https://my.slack.com/pricing.
  • If you are on the Enterprise Grid subscription, reach out to your dedicated account manager to learn more about Slack AI. 
  • If you’re using Slack on the free subscription, you can upgrade your workspace, then purchase Slack AI.
  • If you haven’t signed up for Slack, create a workspace to get started.

Add Slack AI to your workspace

Step 1: Upgrade your workspace

If you’re just getting started with Slack, you can upgrade your workspace and then purchase Slack AI. If you’re already on a paid subscription, proceed to Step 2.

  1. From your desktop, sign in to your Slack workspace (if you’re not already signed in).
  2. Visit https://my.slack.com/plans to review subscriptions and pricing details.
  3. Choose the Pro or Business+ subscription and click Upgrade Now.
  4. Enter your organisation info and payment details.
  5. Select Review order, then click Purchase to finish.

Step 2: Add Slack AI

Once you have upgraded to a paid subscription, you can add Slack AI. 

  1. From your desktop, visit https://my.slack.com/pricing.
  2. Scroll down and click Get Slack AI.
  3. Review your purchase information, then click Purchase Slack AI .

Questions about adding Slack AI? Let our Support team know – we're here to help!