Twitter for Slack

Note: It’s not currently possible to install the Twitter app to Slack. If you already have the app installed, posting tweets in channels may not be working as expected.

The Twitter app brings tweets to Slack. You can automatically update a channel when tweets are sent from your company Twitter account or easily track every mention of your Twitter @username. And here’s the best part: your tweets and mentions are easily searchable in Slack!


Set up the Twitter app

  1. Visit the Twitter app page in Slack's App Directory.
  2. Click Add to Slack.
  3. Click on Add Twitter integration.
  4. To authenticate with Twitter, click on Authorise app.
  5. Enter the Twitter @username that you’d like to track in Slack.
  6. Select the tweets that you want to see. (If nothing is selected, no tweets will be displayed.)
  7. Decide where you’d like the tweets to appear: you can select an existing channel or create a new one.
  8. Once you’ve finished, click on Save settings.

 Here’s an example of what updates from Twitter look like in Slack:



Ideas for using the Twitter app

Now that you’ve connected Twitter to your Slack workspace, you can keep tabs on all kinds of topics from Twitter:

  • Get updates from services that you rely on. When a feature is added or there's an outage, you can stay up to date in Slack.
  • Organise! Gather tweets from every company-owned account in one place, so everyone knows what's being said.
  • Add local transit info tweets to your office channel, so people know when bridges or bus lines are closed before commuting to or from work.

Have more than one Twitter account? Head back to the Twitter app page and click on Add configuration again to get those tweets flowing into Slack as well.