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Empower secure, external collaboration with Slack Connect

Help your team work with external organizations in Slack, while keeping your company’s data and information secure

Unlike email, which leaves your organization at risk of phishing scams and limits your visibility and control, enterprise-grade security is built into Slack Connect. 

The hidden costs of email

  • 90%

    data breaches are caused by phishing

  • $3.86M

    average cost of data breach

  • $12B

    lost to email scams each year

If your goal was to build a secure business communication tool from the ground up, it would look nothing like email.

Confidently work with trusted partners

Email is an entry point available to every bad actor in the world who wants to compromise your data. With Slack Connect, you can have peace of mind that your team is working only with trusted organizations.

Verify a sender’s identity

There’s a pre-established, trusted relationship between organizations in Slack, and admins on both sides must accept the request to connect.

Have peace of mind that your team is connecting only to trusted partners


Streamline access and approvals

Admins are able to specify trusted organizations that meet their security requirements, and pre-approve channel requests with these partners.

Since many of our clients were already using Slack and it passed their security requirements, it was very easy to start using Slack Connect and trust that our data was also protected.

Steve HenryVice President of Client Services, ModSquadLearn more

Increase visibility and control

For security professionals, email is mostly a black box. It’s difficult to tell who is sending messages and whether or not they are legitimate. With Slack Connect, you’ll finally gain clarity on your team’s external connections and maintain control over sensitive data. 

Clearly identify external connections

Channels shared with external organizations have visual indicators, so your team always knows that they’re speaking with external parties. 

Know who your teams are talking to

Admins can see exactly who is in each channel, as well the organizations they belong to. If they notice their team is sharing sensitive information, the admin can set the channel as private on their end or disconnect the channel at any time. 

With Slack’s Audit Logs API, you can monitor important actions in channels, helping you safeguard against any inappropriate system access and monitor suspicious behavior. 

External connections are clearly identified with visual indicators in the Slack interface.

Activate extra protection with Enterprise Key Management

Messages and files sent by your organization are encryptable using your own keys.

Prevent information leaks with block file upload and DLP support

With DLP support for Slack Connect, if someone in your organization posts sensitive content, you’ll be able to remove it. You can further safeguard your company data by blocking the ability for users to upload files in channels and direct messages shared with external organizations. 

Before Slack, communication was a battleground. We were very email-based, and also used messaging tools like WhatsApp and even Facebook groups. This choose-your-own-adventure approach to communication created huge security risks.

Ty SbanoChief Information Security and Trust Officer, SisenseLearn more

Adhere to data and compliance policies

Email can be easily forwarded, potentially exposing your data. With Slack Connect you are able to granularly manage who can access your data, and customize data retention settings to comply with your internal policies.   

Manage external access to information

With restricted channels, admins are able to limit the types of actions allowed by invited external parties.

Set up custom retention policies

Set data retention policies per channel to match your internal settings.

Automatically capture and archive critical data with e-discovery support

Using Slack’s Discovery API, the e-discovery provider you’re already using can be integrated into Slack.

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