The platform that moves healthcare forward

Automate manual processes, streamline operations and put the focus back on patients with your HIPAA-configurable productivity platform.

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Reduce complexity and raise member satisfaction

  • Minimize the back-and-forth communications and approval bottlenecks that complicate claim management
  • Improve first-contact resolutions by delivering fast, high-quality customer support in even the most complex claims
  • Uncover efficiencies in the sales cycle that drive revenue and build new profit pools
  • Grow revenue and relationships in a trusted 360-degree ecosystem with Slack and Salesforce


faster average ticket resolution time*

*Source: “The Business Value of Slack,” a commissioned study conducted by IDC on behalf of Slack, 2017

Care for patients while supporting your teams

  • Give physicians, nurses and specialists dedicated spaces to work together in Slack channels
  • Improve health outcomes for patients while reducing the cost of care
  • Ease administrative burden by creating no-code automations in Workflow Builder that simplify processes from approvals to authorizations
  • Keep everyone on the same page with built-in features like huddles, and with integrated apps for task management and scheduling

Bring life-saving treatments to market faster

  • Improve productivity across research, clinical trials and commercialization
  • Integrate research tools, applications and experts across the company and around the world in secure Slack Connect channels
  • Simplify clinical trial coordination across multiple sites and partners with Slack canvas
  • Onboard, support and retain top sales and customer service talent in the field and at headquarters

Deliver the future of medicine in real time

  • Improve end-to-end hardware and software development processes through automation and integrations
  • Ensure that teams can easily communicate through the sales cycle, both internally and with customers
  • Provide white-glove service across the entire lifecycle of device usage

Make the everyday effortless with integrations

Bring apps into Slack to help you schedule, coordinate, collaborate and more with just a few clicks.

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Sales Cloud for Slack
Salesforce for Slack
Care Coordination for Slack
Service Cloud for Slack
Jira Cloud
Outlook Calendar
AWS Support
Sales Cloud for Slack

Frequently asked questions

Slack lets you create channels that include specialists from across your practice or provider organization. These channels can be made private so only the providers working on a specific patient or case have access to the information shared. Information in private channels also does not show up in search results.

Slack Connect also allows you to extend all the benefits of working in Slack to partners, vendors and other third parties by inviting external users into specific channels.

Slack channels house all the conversations and documents that have been shared throughout an entire project, allowing new team members to get up to speed and be productive more quickly.

Also, did you know that email is one of the most common sources of phishing and other security breaches? In Slack, you can keep private health information (PHI) and other sensitive information out of regularly breached communications.

Yes! Slack is HIPAA-configurable, meaning it can be configured and administered to maintain the security of PHI.