ServiceNow for Slack

ServiceNow builds software for managing requests and troubleshooting issues — great for teams whose jobs revolve around fielding inquiries, like IT, security, HR, and customer service. Keep reading to learn more about ServiceNow's available apps for Slack. 

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Now Actions

If your team uses ServiceNow, you can add the Now Actions app to your workspace and get notified of information and status updates in Slack. Without having to leave your workspace, you can approve or reject a request, and collaborate on a ServiceNow record.

💡Visit the Slack App Directory to add Now Actions to your workspace.

Now Virtual Agent 

Now Virtual Agent is a chatbot that can turn common questions into a set of custom scripted answers. For service teams (like an IT helpdesk or human resources, for example), freeing people up from redundant and repetitive tasks allows them to focus on issues that need their full attention.

Getting answers in Slack — right where folks are already working — allows other employees to get back on track and back to work that matters most to them. 

💡Visit the Slack App Directory to add Now Virtual Agent to your workspace.