Build your own in-house Slack apps

You can customise Slack with apps built just for your workspace, bringing your proprietary data, software and tools into channels. Internal Slack integrations make work both more collaborative and more productive.

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The wide-open world of internal integrations

From simplifying CRMs to automating tasks, here are a few examples of how custom Slack apps can improve the way your business works.

Get more out of Slack

Put knowledge like CRM data at everyone’s fingertips, increasing productivity and the return on your Slack investment.

Example sales custom integration with message actions

Make work flow

Automate routine processes, like reviewing new candidates or gathering interview feedback, to save time.

Example of recruitment custom integration

Simplify your work

Consolidate click-heavy actions, like managing tickets, in Slack. Spend less time juggling tabs and more time getting work done.

Example of support ticket custom integration

Rewriting the publishing process

Before Slack, the LA Times had a multistep, email-based publishing workflow that easily led to confusion. They created a CMS integration so reporters can quickly share their stories in Slack. Editors can use Slack to publish those drafts right to the LA Times homepage.

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Saving time with streamlined tasks

Solstice built a custom bot called Siena that responds to slash commands and helps with routine tasks. Employees can quickly submit IT tickets from Slack that are logged in their tracking system. Siena can also automatically find and book available meeting rooms.

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Quicker fixes through collaboration

To scale the DevOps process, Shopify built a suite of custom apps that turns Slack into a virtual incident management room. One app brings in-person emergency meetings into Slack by gathering the right people together in a channel to assess problems and quickly deploy resolutions together.

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