Slack launch communications

Get inspiration from our Slack communication templates as you create a communication plan for launching Slack at your organisation

Communication is key to launching Slack at your organisation. We recommend creating a communication plan to set expectations, provide enablement resources and help your teams to navigate through the transition to Slack.

How to build a Slack communications plan

When communicating to your employees, here are important questions to answer:

  • Why you have chosen to use Slack
  • What the benefit is for employees to use Slack
  • How employees can get started

Design the communication plan around three critical steps for the success of Slack across your team and organisation:

  1. Assign an executive sponsor to deliver initial communications regarding the launch of Slack.
  2. Prepare an initial Slack announcement to be delivered by your executive sponsor to announce the move to Slack and introduce Slack to all employees.
  3. Finish with a team welcome sent out by each department leader and further echoed by people managers, welcoming their departments and teams into Slack.

Below, you can find some email templates that you can start with to build your communication plan. These are examples that we recommend customising to your organisation.

Wave 1: Initial communication from executive sponsor

Hi team,

I’d like to share an exciting announcement. As some of you know, we’re moving to Slack for our internal team communications. Slack is a messaging app where we can talk, share files and work together. It also connects with tools that we already use, such as [add your examples here], plus thousands of other apps. The date we’re aiming to provide Slack accounts for all employees is [date].

Why are we moving to Slack?

We want to use the best communication tools to make our lives easier and be more productive. Having every employee on one platform will help us to work together better and faster, rather than jumping around between emails, IMs, texts and a lot of other programs. Everything that you share in Slack is automatically indexed and archived, creating a searchable archive of all our work.

Questions or feedback?

More information on the company-wide Slack launch will be provided in the following days. If you have questions about our Slack workspace, please post in the [#slack-help or another appropriate channel] channel on Slack or send an email to [email address here]. If you have general questions about Slack, its Help Centre is a great resource.

Wave 2: Follow-up communication from executive or other IT leader

Hi everyone,

As the message from [VP/CEO/etc.] indicated, we will be moving our communications over to Slack on [date]. To recap the initial announcement, Slack is a messaging app where we can talk, share files and work together. While email will still be used for most external company communication, Slack will be the tool that we use to communicate with each other within [company].

Slack is built to be a highly user-friendly tool, and we encourage you to spend a little bit of time exploring it on your own. As part of our transition to Slack, we also have a couple of training resources for you:

Wave 3: To send out on launch day

Hi team,

[If your organisation uses single sign-on]
It’s our first day on Slack as a company! Everyone should now be able to access Slack as one of your assigned [SSO provider] apps, or you can log in from https://[teamname] with your [SSO provider] credentials.

[If your organisation doesn’t use single sign-on]
It’s our first day on Slack as a company! Everyone should now be able to access Slack via their login credentials. You can download the Slack app at or open Slack in your browser at

Here are some tips to get you started on the right foot in Slack:

Lastly, here are some of the channels that you can join once you’ve logged in:

  • #help-it, #help-etc: Connect with the right teams by posting in their channels
  • #announcements: Company-wide announcements will be posted here
  • Your team channels and your office channels

See you in Slack! ✨

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