Two external partners with a Slack direct message icon between them

Securely direct message your trusted partners

Enable real-time communication by inviting an external partner to direct message in Slack

Why try Slack Connect direct messages?

Ad hoc collaboration is often challenging when working with people outside your company. For example, collaborating on a sales contract or reviewing the latest designs from a prospective creative agency requires real-time communication that isn’t possible over email. 

Now, you can quickly and securely work with your trusted colleagues by sending them an invitation to a direct message in Slack. Reduce context switching between different tools by moving these conversations to the place where you’re already working: Slack.

Hands high-fiving representing partners  Work only with those that you want to 

You always remain in control over who can message you in Slack.

  • Only begin messaging in Slack after you’ve accepted your partner’s invitation
  • If you receive an invitation from someone that you don’t want to message, you can choose to stop getting future invitations from that person


Clock icon  Speed up communication

Cut down on response times compared with email, share updates and triage issues.

  • Product managers can share a quick prototype with a customer following a feedback call
  • Marketers can quickly exchange ideas with their creative agency contact
  • When it’s time to loop in additional internal or external colleagues, create a Slack Connect channel to keep the project moving along


Paper aeroplane representing a message being sent to a sales team in Slack  Easily get started

For the most part, direct messages with trusted partners will look and feel just like the Slack that you’re already used to.

To get started, compose a new message and type your partner’s email address to send them an invitation. Once your partner has accepted the invitation, you can begin direct messaging in Slack.

As with anything, the more you learn, the more questions you may have. When in need, take a look at or our handy getting started guide to keep learning about new ways that companies are using Slack Connect to grow relationships and achieve goals, together.

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