Enterprise Grid guide to success

Slack’s Enterprise Grid subscription has many benefits for large companies. If you’re responsible for moving your company to Slack Enterprise Grid, then this series of success guides was written especially for you. 

What do these guides cover? 

  • Launching Enterprise Grid in your company.
  • Designing your Enterprise Grid organisation.
  • Managing Enterprise Grid from the Admin dashboard. 


1. Launch Enterprise Grid

Read the Enterprise Grid launch guide, in which we outline everything you’ll want to know about rolling out Slack to your organisation. It’s an ongoing process, but here are some of the highlights:

🚀  Launch Enterprise Grid
📚  Educate and train employees 
💐  Slack for all types of roles

Get started: Read our Enterprise Grid launch guide.

2. Structure and design 

Next, the Enterprise Grid structure and design success guide sets out our recommended approach for shaping the structure and design of your Enterprise Grid organisation:

👪  Create a project team
🗺  Design the Enterprise Grid framework
📈  Measure and evaluate success

Get started: Read the Enterprise Grid structure and design success guide.

3. Admin controls

Lastly, the Enterprise Grid admin controls success guide walks you through the Admin dashboard and all the ways that you can manage multiple workspaces from a central point of access. Familiarise yourself with everything Enterprise Grid has to offer:

🕹   Admin dashboard controls
🚚   Moving channels
🔀   Enterprise shared channels

Get started: Visit the Enterprise Grid admin controls success guide for more information!