Kick-start team selling with Slack

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  • Sales professionals

Now more than ever, it takes a village to close a deal. A collaborative, team-selling approach leverages colleagues’ collective knowledge and expertise, helping reps deliver more value at each stage of the buying process. In fact, research by revenue intelligence platform concludes that team selling can increase the chances of closing a deal by 258%, compared with selling solo. That ladders up to big top-line gains.

In this recording, sales leaders Quentin Packard and Kevin Pura from the data analytics company Splunk explain how sales reps and cross-functional partners can work together to close deals faster in Slack.

주요 발표자:

SlackSr. Content Marketing ManagerMallory Brown
SplunkArea Vice President of Global Sales EngineeringKevin Pura
SplunkArea Vice President of New Product SalesQuentin Packard

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