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Remote customer support team finds flexibility and work/life balance with Slack.

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Remote employees working in Slack


Chatbooks, created by parents for parents, launched in 2014 from a family’s desire to scrapbook photos of their children in an easy and automatic way. Now, they have a 150-member team, including 100 remote workers, helping families capture memories every day. Slack helps the team stay connected and balance home and career no matter where (or when) they work.

A third of the Chatbooks team works out of headquarters in Provo, Utah, while the entire Customer Service team works remotely and part time from their homes. For the remote team, Slack is the thread that binds them to employees in Provo. Many of that team are busy parents who choose their own hours — the “Momforce” as they’re known internally.

Slack has enabled us to have a strong remote workforce that otherwise would have been very difficult to manage. Because we have Slack, our culture is healthier than what it might have been otherwise.

Dan Jimenez
COO, Chatbooks

With Slack, these remote employees can log in and out as they need to without missing out on key conversations. All messages are archived in Slack, making it easy to catch up.

“One of the key parts of the Chatbooks culture is being a grownup,” says Dan Jimenez, COO of Chatbooks. “While there’s an expectation that you get your work done, we're also not going to micromanage you, or police you, or count how many minutes you're outside of the office. That's up to you to manage, and Slack is one of the tools that makes that possible.”

With more than a dozen integrations, Slack is also where the Customer Support team gets work done. Customer survey comments and NPS scores are piped into Slack via Delighted, and a Twitter integration surfaces comments left in Chatbooks’ social media channels. Appbot collects all App Store reviews and pushes them into Slack (and then from Slack to the Teddy Ruxpin, a talking teddy bear who sits on top of the Provo office vinyl collection and reads every review out loud!).

All these integrations and automations make it easy for the team to react to or escalate inquiries swiftly, even from their smartphone. With a company ski pass always on offer, this mobility comes in handy. The team can follow up or plan on the go, even from the slopes, in Slack. As Dan points out, "You can get an incredible amount of work done on your smartphone on a 10-minute chairlift ride."

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