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Deezer is an Internet-based global music streaming company with 12 million active users who can enjoy more than 40 million tracks, create playlists, and share songs with friends. Slack helps Deezer play on, simplifying their workflow and allowing for quick troubleshooting.

Deezer’s engineering teams, comprised of more than 120 web and mobile engineers, data scientists, QA and product managers, work together in Slack to tackle any issues that arise — from playback glitches, to billing, to outages. When a new feature or fix is pushed into production or when a plug is being created or validated, custom bots send notifications with a links to specific Slack channels. Integrations with Jira and Github are central to their workflow.

We rely on Slack to be quick and reactive when a service-critical issue happens. We have several dedicated channels for notifications where the team can then take action.

Romain Lods
Tech Team Builder, Deezer

The Deezer team is all about making Slack work the way they do. For example, the QA team created their own colored and numbered emojis that help the team prioritize projects and mark actions complete. They’ve also built in unfurls for song links and created channels for music genres where teams across offices build connections over common interests.

“Slack increased global collaboration because people that were not talking to each other are now talking to each other, across teams, across countries,” says Lods. “We have over 500 employees across offices of all sizes, and now they exist together in one Slack community.”

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