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IRESS designs, develops and delivers technology for the financial services industry. It's headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with 1,800+ employees in 17 offices, 7 countries, and across 5 continents. It was one of the first financial tech companies of its size, in the Asia Pacific region, to adopt Slack company-wide.

Each year IRESS holds a global hackathon, where employees across 5 continents spend 24 straight hours creating new ideas that help them better serve their customers. When the company kicked off its 2017 event, Slack's ability to bring different time zones and teams together made it a natural home for sharing and executing on ideas. It was even (unofficially) dubbed a 'Slack-a-thon' because many of the ideas involved Slack.

By having Slack, we have the technology and infrastructure to be more agile in 2017 and beyond. Real-time. Chatbots. Digital assistants. It's only the beginning for IRESS.

George Samuels
Community Manager, IRESS

Many of their ideas involved Slack chat-bots. All images and videos were uploaded into a #global_hackathon17 channel. The hackathon increased their channel-based communication by 6%, further strengthening IRESS’ collaborative culture.

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