An introduction to Slack Enterprise Grid

Collaborate across your organisation in Slack with the most security, flexibility and control

Slack is a collaboration hub that helps companies to unlock the full potential of their people and technology.

Slack provides employees with dedicated, focused spaces to work with immediate teams (in workspaces) while allowing them to connect with the broader organisation around projects and conversations (in channels).

What is Enterprise Grid?

Enterprise Grid is Slack’s solution for large or complex organisations. It empowers your company to work with the agility of a small company while tapping into the resources and shared knowledge of your enterprise.

It includes all of the security and governance functionality you expect in an enterprise solution but with an intuitive, consumer-like experience that results in unprecedented adoption. Enterprise Grid powers the work of some of the world’s largest companies – such as IBM, Condé Nast, Oracle and E-Trade – and is the only collaboration product that can support up to 500,000 people.

Enterprise Grid is designed to mirror the way your company is structured and is made up of unlimited workspaces that are connected within the container of an organisation. Workspaces are often provisioned for business units, departments or subsidiaries, but are flexible enough to support your organisation’s unique needs.

Grid enables teams to work with greater agility while providing IT administrators with centralised tools to manage security and maintain compliance across the entire organisation.

Slack has been the hammer that has helped us tear down the walls of silos across 21st Century Fox. It has enabled us to position Slack as the operating system of collaboration across 194 countries and 171 offices, pulling us together like nothing else has.

Jeff DowChief Information Officer, 20th Century FoxLearn more

Peace of mind with built-in security and compliance

Slack is committed to providing tools to help IT administrators manage data and ensure you’re complying with various regulatory requirements. Grid includes Slack’s most robust tools to maintain security and compliance.

Built-in security features:

  • Data encryption in transit and at rest
  • SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)
  • SCIM provisioning and real-time active directory sync
  • Granular app management
  • Customised terms of service*
  • Customised message retention*
  • Domain claiming*
  • Enterprise Key Management*

Enterprise Grid integrates with best-in-class products for:

  • Data loss prevention (DLP)*
  • E-discovery and archiving*
  • Enterprise mobility management (EMM)*
  • Security information and event management (SIEM)*

*Available on Grid only

Compliance, certifications and regulations

Slack complies with broadly recognised standards and offers tools to help customers meet their compliance requirements.

Learn more about security at Slack.

Get more out of your existing software

Slack helps you maximise your tech stack (whether third-party or internal) by making information accessible in one central easy-to-use place.

Connects to best-in-class products, regardless of vendor

The average enterprise uses 1,100-plus cloud services. Slack serves as the hub connecting information among your various systems, regardless of who makes them. Thousands of third-party services already integrate with Slack, including:

Robust APIs to connect with internal tools

Slack offers robust APIs to help you get more out of proprietary systems which are private to your organisation with internal integrations. Internal integrations bring data out of systems – such as databases and wikis – and into Slack’s easy-to-use interface.

Learn more about Enterprise Grid.

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