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Slack Success Hub

Slack's Success Hub is your go-to for learning how to set up Slack, use it on your team, and incorporate new features into your workflow

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Use cases

Incorporate Slack into your unique flow of work

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Slack for sales: 4 ways to close deals quicker

This how-to guide helps Sales teams use Slack to minimize time spent on administrative tasks and maximize time spent on deals

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Slack for customer service: 8 ways to improve customer and rep experience

Improve service productivity by using Slack for case management, agent onboarding, collaboration, automation and white-glove service 

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Slack for marketing: 3 ways to increase efficiency

In this guide, learn how to use Slack to improve collaboration and save time in your marketing team

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Slack for internal communications: 7 ways to improve company-wide communication

This guide on using Slack for Internal Communications gives tips and examples of how all users at a company can send and receive mass communications

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Slack for IT and Security: 5 ways to streamline requests and incidents

This how-to guide helps IT and Security teams use Slack to spend more time innovating and less time putting out fires

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Slack for Executives and EAs: 11 ways to enhance communication and streamline tasks

This how-to guide can help you effectively communicate with your team, boost productivity, and discover features that can support you and your team

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Slack for HR, Recruiting, and DEI

This how-to guide helps HR, DEI, and recruiting teams use Slack to keep recruits and employees informed, engaged and aligned

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Slack for legal: 3 ways to reduce tasks and improve communication

This how-to guide helps legal teams use Slack to meet tight deadlines and fulfill client expectations while keeping confidential information secure.

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Slack for customer success: 4 ways to collaborate and improve customer experience

This guide reviews how to use Slack for Customer Success teams to collaborate internally and with customers, automate tasks, and streamline processes.


5 steps to support your team’s adoption of Slack

Follow this guide to develop an adoption strategy that ensures your entire team benefits from Slack.

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Minimize incidents and downtime

Learn how to troubleshoot and respond to incidents painlessly with Slack

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Unlocking value with Slack

A how-to guide on measuring the value and impact of Slack in your organization

Slack Champion Network

Learn more about the Slack Champion Network and how our network of passionate advocates are driving success and innovation with Slack