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Slack Success Hub

Best practices and guidance to help you make Slack successful at your organization

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Support your teams getting comfortable with Slack


5 steps to support your team’s adoption of Slack

Follow this guide to develop an adoption strategy that ensures your entire team benefits from your digital HQ on Slack.


Slack for internal communications: Adoption guide

This guide on using Slack for Internal Communications gives tips and examples of how all users at a company can send and receive mass communications


Slack for sales: Adoption guide

This how-to guide helps Sales teams use Slack to minimize time spent on administrative tasks and maximize time spent on deals


Slack for customer service: Adoption guide

Improve service productivity by using Slack for case management, agent onboarding, collaboration, automation and white-glove service 


Slack for IT & Security: Adoption guide

This how-to guide helps IT and Security teams use Slack to spend more time innovating and less time putting out fires


An admin’s intro to the new Workflow Builder

Learn how to unlock more powerful workflows with Slack’s new automation capabilities, no matter your technical expertise

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How it works: Slack apps and workflows

Five ways to streamline your work with Slack apps and Workflow Builder.


Introducing your partners to Slack Connect

Simple tips and templates to help you onboard your partners to working with you in channels.